Seoul 7 day itinerary and budget

10492093_10152804634264170_6324469524346690684_nThis was the itinerary we devised for our 7 day ‘budget’ Korea adventure. We brought lots of food from home like noodles, oatmeals, biscuits and the like because we didn’t want to go hungry or waste time buying snacks while travelling. The baon actually helped us a lot when we arrived back at the inn late and all the stores were closed. And yes, you will find a lot of kimbob purchases here because kimbobs are very compact and easy to bring anywhere plus its very filling (good for one meal). There are different flavors of kimbob though that you can try to keep things fresh.

This budget does not include souvenirs/ pasalubong because basically, that’s entirely upon the discretion of the traveller. You don’t actually have to look very far to get good deals, souvenirs like magnets and keychains are everywhere in Insadong, Itaewon and a wide variety of clothing items are on sale at Namdaemun (the better deals are on the streets) or you can go to a local Lotte Mart to buy biscuits, tea or noodles. Just be wary of the bulkiness of the items because remember, you’ll be lugging them around to the airport. Plus, overweight charges cost a lot.

Hope this helps, enjoy! Conversion rate used for this is P.0422 to 1 KRW. If you’re using US dollars, its usually 1,000 KRW to a buck.

DAY 1 |  OCTOBER 09 – Thursday
Time Details Estimated Php Estimated  KRW Conversion to Php Actual Conversion to Php
11am ETA – Cavite to Manila via Bus 50.00
12:30pm Shuttle Service to Terminal 3 30.00
3:20pm Thursday 09 October 2014, 1520 H (03:20PM) Ninoy Aquino International Airport T3 Andrews Avenue, Pasay City | Travel Tax and Terminal Fee 2,170.00
8:05pm Thursday 09 October 2014, 2005 H (08:05PM) Incheon International airport (IIA) | Buy Load T-Money 10,000.00 420.00
9:30pm Check in – Backpackers Inside 120,000.00 5,040.00
10pm Late Dinner – Momae’s bag of Goodies
DAY 2 |  OCTOBER 10 – Friday
8am Free Breakfast at Inn
6:30am Buy Baon to Everland at local store (kimbob) 1,500.00 63.00
8:30am ETD Everland (discounted) 22,000.00 924.00
6pm Back to Seoul, Cook noodles (baon)
DAY 3 |  OCTOBER 11 – Saturday (FREE DAY)
6am Free Breakfast at Inn
11am Head to Gwanghamun Seoul City Tour Bus Station 12,000.00
12nn Late Lunch 6,000.00 252.00
6pm Dinner 4,000.00 168.00
(Areas visited: National Museum of Korea, War Memorial, N Seoul Tower, Hanok Village, Insadong)
DAY 4 |  OCTOBER 12 – Sunday
6am Free Breakfast at Inn
7am onwards Seonyudo Park(Free)
12nn Lunch 6,000.00 252.00
Hangang River bicycle tour /hour 3,000.00 126.00
6pm Dinner 4,000.00 168.00
DAY 5 |  OCTOBER 13 – Monday
6am Free Breakfast at Inn
Buy Load T-Money 10,000.00 420.00
Lunch (take-out) kimbob (again) 1,500.00 63.00
8am Hiking @ Mt. Bukhansan (bring provisions from own baon)
Reload T-Money 5,000.00 210.00
DAY 6 |  OCTOBER 14 – Monday
6am Free Breakfast at Inn
taxi ride to Nami Island (roundtrip) 3,000.00 126.00
Nami Island Entrance Fee (discounted for foreigners) 8,000.00 336.00
12nn Lunch 8,000.00 336.00
Dinner 7,000.00
DAY 7 |  OCTOBER 15 – Tuesday
6am Free Breakfast at Inn
8am gyeongbukgong palace(9:00am English tour)
gyeongbukgong palace Entrance Fee 3,000.00 126.00
12nn Lunch (kimbob) 1,500.00 63.00
Airport bus Fee (get coupon for 1,000 discount) 9,000.00 378.00
5pm Wednesday 15 October 2014, 2135 H (09:35
PM) Incheon International airport (IIA)
1am Eat @ Airport Jollibee 150.00
Home Sweet Home Transportation 200.00
Expenses: 2,600.00 244,500.00 10,269.00 0.00 0.00
Estimated Php Estimated  KRW Conversion to Php

7 thoughts on “Seoul 7 day itinerary and budget

  1. Hi Angie! Thanks for posting this. It’s way cheaper pala in Seoul than I thought. What other spots can you recommend for a 7-day tour instead of hiking on Mt. Bukhansan? 🙂

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