Lessons I learned when I missed my flight :(

pawikan turtle

DONATELLO. The real life counterpart of TMNT’s Donatello at the Apo Island Marine Sanctuary. One of the things I missed from my supposed Dumaguete adventure. Boo Hoo.  (Photo: Sheryl Ascano)

Its been roughly three weeks since I missed my flight to Dumaguete, a return trip my travel buddies and I booked last year after not being able to visit Apo Island, home of the beautiful pawikans.

Suffice to say, I was super excited for this trip because I’ve been meaning to unwind for some time now, plus I wanted to write something for my travel blog. So, wish granted. I am writing something, but not really about my exciting adventure but rather my lack of stories about said adventure because Boom, I missed my flight.

Actually, it still stings a bit because I was actually the one who made the travel arrangements to Apo Island and booked the accommodations in Dumaguete. Embarrassingly, it was also I who made the last post late at night on the eve of our journey about how excited I was to interact with the turtles. Unfortunately, I overslept and when I woke up, it was just too late to make it to the airport in time.

So, here are some tips for you guys who don’t want to suffer a similar fate as I.

1. Don’t sleep late/Don’t sleep at all. Especially for super early morning flights, be sure to get plenty of rest so you get your required hours of sleep and wake up in time for your travel. If you need to be at the airport at 4 am and are still awake at 1 am, just prepare your stuff and wait it out. You can sleep plenty when you are waiting at the airport.

2. Back up alarm. One of the reasons I didn’t wake up was because I didn’t notice my alarm go off. Its better to have a back up alarm situated farther from your bed so you would have to wake up to turn it off. If you have a family member who rises early (like my dad), it would be helpful to ask to be woken up just to be sure that you don’t oversleep.

3. Web Check In. Web check in saves plenty of time for travellers who don’t have check in baggages. And if you’re pressed for time, this could spell the difference between success and failure to meet your flight.

4. Allot plenty of time for traffic. No matter what time, its better to be early than late. Remember that road constructions and road mishaps are unpredictable and may cause congestions on the way to the airport.

5. Prepare your stuff in advance. Prepare and double check your luggage/backpacks way before the day of your departure to ensure that all of your essentials are complete and that you don’t waste time having to check it again on the day of your flight.

6. Learn fare rules. For tickets bought on sale, the usual rule for rebooking is that it has to be done four hours before the flight and the payment of the fare difference for normal fare for the next flight. If the passenger is a no show, the flight is considered as flown. Various airlines have different rules so its better to check with your airline to be sure.

So there you have it, its a difficult and painful lesson to learn but at least I got to share these tips with you so its not a complete waste. 😀 Good luck on your own travel adventures. Remember, take these tips to heart. You’ll need it 😀


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